CD - The Best Christian Songs Ever: 2023

Songs include In Jesus Name (God of Possible), Sunday Sermons, Rise up (Lazarus), New Name Written Down, For the Good, Lion, Homecoming, Miracle Power, Same God, Always, Then Christ Came, Mamas, and more!

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Volume 1
1. In Jesus Name (God of Possible) Shelly Justice 
2. Sunday Sermons Shelly Justice 
3. Rise up (Lazarus) Terry White 
4. New Name Written Down Shelly Justice 
5. For the Good Shelly Justice 
6. Me on Your Mind Terry White 
7. I Will Carry You Shelly Justice 
8. Honey in the Rock Shelly Justice, Terry White 
9. Healer Marshall Hall 
10. Same God Shelly Justice
11. God Turn It Around Drew Cline 
12. Jireh Terry White 
13. Hymn of Heaven Shane McConnell 
14. Fake It David Wise 
15. Wait on You Drew Cline 
16. In the House Terry White 

Volume 2
1. Lion Terry White 
2. Homecoming Terry White 
3. Miracle Power Shelly Justice, Terry White 
4. Same God Terry White 
5. Always David Wise 
6. Then Christ Came Shane McConnell 
7. Mamas Laura Cooksey 
8. Stand Drew Cline 
9. Dancing on the Waves Shelly Justice 
10. Send Me Shelly Justice 
11. Too Good to Not Believe Terry White 
12. Gratitude Terry White 
13. The Commission Shelly Justice
14. Heart of the Father David Wise 
15. Just Like Heaven Terry White 
16. Your Nature Shelly Justice 

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