COMING APRIL 2024 The 100 Most Asked Questions about God and the Bible: Scripture’s Answers on Sin, Salvation, Sexuality, End Times, Heaven, and More (S. Michael Houdmann), Paperback

In an era when people watch more TikTok videos than sermons and doom scroll more than read their Bibles, false teachings and questions about God and the Bible abound. For more than two decades, S. Michael Houdmann and have cut through the confusion, answering even the hardest of questions with clarity, grace, and love. receives more than 16 million visitors each month and is the most trusted biblically grounded resource online.

This book answers 100 of the most frequently asked questions on the site in a compassionate, accessible, and straightforward manner, covering topics like

· salvation and how we're supposed to live
· heaven and the afterlife
· sex
· difficult passages in the Bible
· the end times

People have big questions. And those answers have real-world consequences. Here is the biblical truth we all need to understand God's Word and apply it to our lives.

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