COMING AUGUST 2024 The Magnificent Mulligans #5: Dolphins in Danger (Bill Myers), Paperback

From best-selling author Bill Myers comes a hilarious, faith-filled, and action-packed adventure starring the Mulligan family.

The Magnificent Mulligans are back, and they’re learning again how to stick together, protect the vulnerable, and stand up for what’s right. When Dad gets a call from a friend who needs help with a distressed dolphin, he and Lisa drive up the coast to try to help. But a big storm in the forecast is going to make this mission difficult.

Meanwhile, the other Mulligans are excited about new opportunities. Julie is learning to take care of flamingoes, Janelle is learning to play tennis, and Nick is learning how to fly an airplane. Nick’s first lesson? Convincing his instructor that he’s really ready to take the yoke. The guy keeps glancing nervously at the parachute he brings along for the flight!

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