DVD - Prince of Egypt & Joseph: King of Dreams

Two of your favorite Bible stories from Dreamworks!

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Two of your favorite Bible stories from Dreamworks!
Joseph, King of Dreams - When a young boy named Joseph dreamed dreams, he changed the course of history! Featuring the voices of Jodi Benson and Ben Affleck, this inspiring music adventure vividly portrays Joseph's painful exile into Egypt, his rise to power as Pharaoh's right hand, and the sudden twist of fate that reunites him with the brothers who betrayed him. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Approx. 74 minutes.
The Prince of Egypt - Learn how Moses became first a Prince of Egypt---and then a mighty shepherd of God's people! Acclaimed by critics and audiences for its dazzling animation and Oscar-winning music, this stunning film portrays the heart-wrenching conflict between two brothers---Moses, dedicated servant of God, and Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. An epic saga not to be missed! Rated PG. Approx. 74 minutes.

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