In Want + Plenty (Meredith McDaniel), Paperback

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Natalie J 22-01-2020 05:39

In Want and Plenty combines life-giving story telling and fresh insight to the book of Exodus. The story McDaniel delicately crafts, puts faces to the people of Israel. Connecting their story to your own, all while honoring the Scripture’s authenticity. She challenges you to see your own reflection in this tragic and triumphant story of Israel's journey. All while, through journaling prompts, reminding you that God's provision isn't just on the pages of the Bible, but in your own life. Reading her book brought me a whole new appreciation for my story and its continuation. While in a season of grieving a lost loved one, being newly engaged, and being denied an opportunity for ministry I was sure God was calling me too; I have found manna. Hunting for manna is a continual challenge prompted by Meredith and honestly, a delightfully humbling one. Unlike "finding the silver-lining, "mind over matter", or ignoring the negative reality you face; finding manna is a challenge towards gratitude, Kingdom reality, and presentness. McDaniel encourages readers to know in their heart and mind that God sees us and He is involved in our story in more ways that we can presently realize. Not as a puppet master but as a powerful, loving, and resourceful companion. This book brought me hope and value in a season of grief and questioning. Meredith doesn't guilt trip you into a changed life, make empty promises, or provide us with the perfect formula to live our best life. There is no coercion or sympathy from her. Her desire is for your heart to be pierced by the truth of who God is and the hope that comes from hunting manna in your own life. Reading this book feels like it's just you and her, sitting in a room, talking. Discovering the wonder, mystery, hope, and assurance of God within your own story. Despite what our circumstances may be, God didn't lead us out here just to want or just to get all there is to have. There is so much manna to hunt for along the way!

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