A Savior is Risen: An Easter Devotional, Hardcover

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Do less. Connect more. This beautiful 40-day devotional for the Lenten and Easter season offers biblical reflections and full-color springtime photography to take you from burnout to burning a little brighter as you celebrate new life, fresh starts, and everyday redemptions.

It's a distracted world out there. Maybe you find yourself scrolling more than savoring, texting more than resting, and rushing instead of taking a deep breath. The things you thought would bring connection make you feel more disconnected than ever, with a good dose of exhaustion thrown in. It's time for a reset.

A Savior Is Risen is a 40-day journey from Ash Wednesday to Easter morning, a call for you to quiet your mind and soul as you focus on Jesus and His resurrection.

In this gorgeous devotional, you are invited to:

Experience the Easter season with fresh eyes and an expectant heart
Practice a modern-day fast from the things distracting you from God
Reflect on Jesus' life and Resurrection
Draw closer to God through silence and reflection
Let go of stress and embrace grace

Each day's entry includes:

A word that embodies the spirit of Easter
A brief reflection on integrating that word into your life
A Scripture passage for meditation
A prayer to bring peace to your mind
Bright springtime photography that captures the beauty of new life

A Savior Is Risen is ideal for anyone wanting permission to slow down, as a gift for someone looking for spiritual renewal, or as a beautiful book to display as a reminder of God's promises. So grab your morning coffee or afternoon chai, and feel your spirit settle as you immerse yourself the ultimate new beginning God has given us all.
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