COMING MAY 2024 The Expectation Gap: The Tiny, Vast Space between Our Beliefs and Experience of God (Steve Cuss), Paperback

Untangling our deepest beliefs about ourselves from our most precious beliefs about God

Christians experience significant gaps between what we believe about God and what we encounter from God. We believe God loves us, but we struggle to experience it. We believe God is with us, but we struggle to see it. We thought we'd be further along in our faith by now. Often our best efforts keep us stuck in those gaps.

In The Expectation Gap, pastor and systems theorist Steve Cuss shows us how to notice stuck patterns that keep us trapped and how we can break free to engage God at a deeper and more fulfilling level. We will always have to mind the gaps, but we can learn to notice the recurring, predictable patterns that keep us stuck and spinning. Cuss offers tangible tools to quiet the inner critic, wrangle chronic anxiety, and relax into God's presence, engaging him in a deeper and more visceral way. Our regular experience of God can become more congruent with our belief about God.

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