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Does your family participate in Arizona's ESA program?


Let us help make your purchase process easier with the new curriculum requirements!


Simply create an account on our website, add the items you want to your cart, choose your shipping method, then email us at [email protected]. Please include the name you registered with on our site, your child's name, and their age/grade


Once you send your email, give us up to 2 days to email you back with an invoice for those items. We will also provide a personalized curriculum, tailored to your child. You will submit the invoice and curriculum through Vendor Pay. We'll pull the order then to make sure that we still have everything you need at the sale prices when approval comes! (FYI, at the present time, it is unclear what exactly will be required from a curriculum for it to be "approved", so we will provide one based on previous guidance, but we can update and provide a new one if further guidance is forthcoming.)


After you submit the invoice and curriculum, we all await approval from ESA. Once it's approved, we ship your order out right away.


Our goal is to make your checkout process as easy as possible!