NLT DaySpring Inspire Illustrating Bible, Mint Floral Garden, Spiral Bound (Filament)

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Now, the popular Inspire Bible is available in an innovative large-format spiral binding with all new artwork created exclusively by the designers at DaySpring. The NLT Dayspring Inspire Illustrating Bible features more than 300 ready-to-color designs, inviting you to interact with the Word of God in a unique and refreshing way. With each of the illustrations reflecting one of the themes from 1 Corinthians 13:13, you’ll be able to express your creativity while focusing on what it means to be strong in your faith, have a heart filled with hope, and a posture of unconditional love. Linger longer in the Bible and spend time with God as you enjoy the relaxing benefits of coloring and creative journaling. Plus, this beautiful Bible includes access to the Filament Bible app which contains a wealth of resources that turn this into a devotional and study Bible.

Key features include:

  • More than 300 all new ready-to-color line-art designs that invite you to interact with the Bible in a unique and refreshing way
  • Extra-wide center margins (4”) with blank space for notetaking, journaling, and creativity
  • Thousands of Bible study and devotional resources through the Filament Bible app
  • Generous 8.75pt font
  • Metallic coil lay-flat binding
  • High-quality, thicker than normal white paper for readability and bright, pure display of added color
  • Keepsake storage box
  • The easy-to-understand, clear, and accurate New Living Translation

Enhance Your Bible Studying through the Free Filament App

This app enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to connect every page to a vast array of related content, including:

  • 25,000+ study notes
  • 350+ videos
  • 40+ maps and infographics
  • 400+ profiles and articles
  • 1,500+ devotionals
  • Library of worship music
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