How Can I Make Him Love Me?

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How Can I Make Him Love Me? is a romance suspense novel for women. 1 in 4 American women from the 20th Century have literally lived the life of Sabrina. She married Rodney Starkez whose unknown agenda is deceit, disloyalty, and disrespect. Sabrina's fight to win her husband's love creates codependency, turning her focus away from her children. Therefore, her boys... Kale and Blake are neglected, starved for love and filled with shame. Sabrina fights for a home filled with in-to-me-see, compassion, and trust but it is no where to be found. She is blind to the fact her boys lurk in the shadows always giving her and Rodney in-to-me-see, compassion, and trust. Sadly, the boys are running out of stock, having no one to fill them with in-to-me-see, compassion, and trust. Will Sabrina find the answer to make Rodney love her and begin to focus on being a mother?
Jeanine 10-04-2024 15:14

I could not put this book down. Stayed up all night so I could finish it. I shared my copy with friends and they loved it as much as I did. Very enjoyable and inspirational.

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