KJV Compact Bible, Iris Purple Faux Leather w/Zipper

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The Iris Purple Faux Leather Compact King James Version Bible with Zippered Closure is the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Designed with convenience in mind, the zipper closure provides added protection, ensuring that your beloved Bible stays in pristine condition while traveling by your side.


A detailed heat-debossed frame with an intricate quatrefoil floral design adorns the covers of the iris purple compact Bible. Nestled between two intricately crafted heat-debossed flourishes, the heartfelt sentiment takes center stage, presented in elegant gold-foiled lettering. Just below, the Scripture reference is displayed in heat-debossed words.





The spine showcases four sets of heat-debossed faux spine ribs, elegantly separated by two gold-foil bands. These distinct sections create a harmonious composition, each featuring either a heat-debossed decorative accent, version reference, or the gold-foiled title.


The purple zipper closure has a gold metal zipper pull that is engraved with a cross. It closes securely to protect the Bible's gilt-edged pages and any loose notes you may have. An attached ribbon marker allows easy bookmarking, ensuring you never lose your place. The Bible also features a presentation page to add a personal touch when it is given as a gift.


Discover a wealth of helpful features within the pages of this Bible, designed to enhance your reading and study experience. With the thematic Scripture verse finder, you can effortlessly navigate through the Bible to find passages that resonate with your heart. Reader-friendly subheadings provide clarity and guidance as you delve deeper into the text. Experience the words of Christ in a distinct way, as they are printed in red, highlighting their significance. Stay on task with the included one-year Bible reading plan. Despite its compact size, the text is thoughtfully printed in 7-point font and arranged in a double-column format, optimizing legibility. The Bible's lay-flat spine allows it to open completely flat, even with the zippered closure, providing ease and comfort during study sessions.


Immerse yourself in the exquisite beauty of the original KJV Bible's poetic language found in this edition. With a timeless legacy spanning 400 years, the KJV text remains revered as one of the most accurate translations ever printed. As you delve into its pages, you will encounter the rich heritage reflected in its distinctive spelling and grammatical structure, which may differ from modern usage.


Surprise your beloved spouse or daughter with a thoughtful gift, the Iris Purple Faux Leather Compact King James Version Bible with Zippered Closure. Ideal for students who live in small spaces or travelers who carry heavy loads, this Bible takes up no space at all. The Iris Purple Faux Leather Compact King James Version Bible with Zippered Closure will let her experience the joy of keeping her Bible close at hand without sacrificing precious space.


  • Heat-debossed quatrefoil floral frame 
  • Purple faux leather cover 
  • Gold-foiled title 
  • Heat-debossed version reference 
  • Compact Bible 
  • Flexcover 
  • Zippered closure 
  • Gold metal zipper pull 
  • Cross-engraved zipper pull 
  • Classic King James Version text
  • 1002 gilt-edged pages 
  • Lay-flat binding 
  • Satin ribbon marker 
  • Double-column format
  • Reader-friendly subheadings 
  • Words of Christ in red ink
  • Thematic Scripture verse finder 
  • One-year Bible reading plan 
  • Presentation page 
  • Text: 7-point type 
  • Packaged in a full-color printed cardstock sleeve 
  • Size: 6.9" x 4.8" x 1.1" (175 x 122 x 38 mm)
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