Bracelet - Jesus Saves

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Speak truth every time you wear this handsomely crafted “Jesus Saves” Bracelet by Kerusso® in Black Leather/Silver. The true story of how Jesus Christ came to save us is the greatest story ever told, and you have an opportunity to share your personal experience with God’s redeeming grace.

Jesus isn’t a fictional character who makes us feel good—He was a real person, God’s own Son sent to live among us and sacrifice Himself to save each of us. Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with every one of God’s children, and a casual conversation with you could have an eternal impact in someone’s life.

Point to the Savior with your words and actions. Sharing the Good News about Jesus isn’t complicated. Get dressed, be on the lookout for people in need of God’s love (that’s everybody), and be yourself. God can use anyone to share the Gospel—even you!

Kerusso® Men's Bracelet - Jesus Saves

  • Color: Black/Silver
  • 8 3/4" length
  • stainless steel and leather
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