CD - Bluebirds Singing on the Buffalo Road (Nancy Elliott)

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Nothing complicated. Just me and my guitars, some brand new South Western Americana and some of my favorite cover songs. Recorded in Santa Fe with the intuitive ear of Bill Palmer at the helm, "Bluebirds Singing On the Buffalo Road" and its 14 songs and a poem will have you believing you are back in the days of true, analog vinyl.

The Tracks

White Tanks (Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

Autumn's On Its Way (Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

WIld Rose (Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

Cheap Little Ring (Chuck Pyle)

Back Of The North Wind (Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

Bluebirds Singing On the Buffalo Road (Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

By Moon or No Moon ( Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

Close To You ( Cindy Walker )

Days I'm WIth The Horses ( Stewart MacDougall SOCAN ) The Stronghold ( Nancy Elliott / Dan McCorison ) In The Garden ( Traditonal Gospel ) Two Moons In Maricopa ( Jon Messenger ) Pearl Hart ( Nancy Elliott ASCAP ) Lightning Woman Danced ( Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

The Ruby Handled Knife ( Nancy Elliott ASCAP)

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