Fragile Designs (Colleen Coble), Paperback

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When Carly Tucker's police-officer husband is killed during a home break-in, she knows that her side hustle finding the antique treasures at flea markets isn't enough to support her and their infant son, Noah. So her grandmother's proposal to have her and her two sisters restore the family's waterfront Beaufort home into a bed-and-breakfast---that Carly will run---is immediately intriguing. But it's equally daunting with the animosity that exists between the three sisters.

What Carly never expected as she begins to go through the attic was to find a letter in a trunk, written in her husband's handwriting . . . dated two days before his death. Eric had discovered that Carly's grandmother was adopted---a fact Carly is certain Gram is not aware of---and had already begun trying to track down her birth family. Is it possible that Eric's death wasn't random after all?

With few options, Carly reaches out to Gram's neighbor Simon---and the older brother of her high school sweetheart---who is a local homicide detective. One of the items in the trunk is an enameled egg. If it truly is a Faberge egg, the value could set Carly up for life . . . and would certainly be worth killing for. The journey to find the truth and protect her family will have Carly delving deep into the lost treasures of Eastern Europe---if she and Simon can survive that long.

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