Kingdom Authority, Exercising God's Rule in Your Life (Tony Evans), Hardcover

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Are you living with the authority God has given you?

Many are desperate for power, but power is useless without the authority to use it. God has given His people His power and His authority to be used for His purposes. This is kingdom authority, or the divinely-authorized right and responsibility delegated to believers to act on God’s behalf in spiritually ruling over His creation under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. However, only those who are fully surrendered to Christ and aware of this gift use it.

In this book, Dr. Tony Evans, pastor, and bestselling author, will help you discover how to:

  • See God’s Kingdom initiatives more clearly
  • Take on God’s perspective in your life and remember the inheritance He has given you
  • Draw near to God and commit yourself to essential requirements for experiencing kingdom authority like prayer
  • Be aware of the spiritual realm in which God’s people operate

Kingdom authority can only be experienced by those who live out their days underneath the power of God. It’s by aligning our lives with Him that He allows us to share in His work.

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