Daniel: A Strong Man is Faithful, A 30-Day Devotional (Vince Miller), Imitation Leather

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Daniel was only a teenager when he was taken captive in Babylon. For the next 70 years, he lived far from home in an unfamiliar culture, suffering under an enemy king who worshipped false gods. Yet Daniel was faithful to God.
In this 30-day men’s devotional, author Vince Miller asks: Do you want to be a man who is faithful all the years of your life, no matter what persecution or circumstances you face? Every devotion in Daniel: A Strong Man Is Faithful includes a verse from the book of Daniel and a thoughtful reflection that motivates you to stay strong in difficult times. This in-depth book also includes:

  • Insights from the New Testament about living as a man of God
  • Challenging application questions and action steps
  • Prayer prompts focused on turning to God for guidance and strength

For any man who wants to learn from someone who was faithful even when society pushed him not to be, Daniel: A Strong Man Is Faithful is an accessible yet hard-hitting devotional that reminds us that faithfulness to God is possible even in a faithless world.

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