Don't Follow Your Heart: Boldly Breaking the Ten-Commandments of Self-Worship (Thaddeus J. Williams), Paperback

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Don't Follow Your Heart offers a compelling vision for the kind of Christianity that is truly countercultural, that rebels against the status quo, that offers something genuinely revolutionary.

We were never meant to bear the impossible weight of creating and sustaining our identities, but with the steady stream of propaganda telling us to be true to ourselves and live our best lives, it's no wonder many of us are. In Don't Follow Your Heart, Thaddeus Williams builds a case that self-worship is not authentic, it's arrogant. It is not satisfying, it robs us of awe. It is hardly new and edgy, but is hopelessly traditionalist, rehashing what is literally humanity's oldest lie.

As he explores the Ten Commandments of Self-Worship, Williams calls for a new generation of heretics, iconoclasts, renegades, mavericks, and rebels who refuse to march like good little cows, mooing in unison with the herd. He points us to a life beyond the boring, conventional, and self-defeating dogmas of self-worship and shows us how much more meaningful a life centered on God can truly be.

Don't Follow Your Heart features:

  • A fascinating blend of theology, philosophy, science, psychology, and pop culture.
  • Grim stories of many patron saints of self-worship including Nero, Rousseau, de Sade, Nietzsche, Sartre, Foucault, Jim Morrison, and Miley Cyrus.
  • Accounts of notable heretics who rebelled against self-worship, including Augustine, Frederick Douglass, William Wilberforce, Sophie Scholl, G.K. Chesterton, Lee Jong-rak, Corrie ten Boom, and Rosaria Butterfield.
  • Straightforward ways to rebel against the mainstream message of self-worship.

Don't Follow Your Heart is a perfect resource for parents seeking to understand the next generation, small groups striving to make a difference, and graduates looking embrace their futures without self-destructing.

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