12 Radical Teachings of Jesus Pamphlet

Jesus challenges us to leaving behind convenience, comfort, security, money, and even family to follow him. He calls his disciples to abandon everything for the gospel, but how can we apply that to our 21st century lives?

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Jesus challenges us to leaving behind convenience, comfort, security, money, and even family to follow him. He calls his disciples to abandon everything for the gospel, but how can we apply that to our 21st century lives? Without fully understanding the cultural context of Jesus' day, it's easy to dismiss or forget the important lessons he was teaching. Dig even deeper into the Bible as you see the background, meaning, and application of 12 key teachings of Jesus side-by-side at a glance.

With 12 quick-reference charts, this pamphlet covers the teachings of Jesus in a way few resources can—showing key verses, explanations, reflection questions, and insights at a glance. Includes cross references, application questions, and key points—perfect for quick reference and small group study. From forgiveness to unconditional love, dive into the radical gospel of Jesus at the turn of a page with this slimline pamphlet.

Each of the 12 teachings of Jesus covers—

  • Key verses &cross references
  • Side-by-side comparison of Jesus' teachings and worldly teachings
  • Key points
  • Life application &discussion questions

Many believers and non-believers misunderstand the key teachings of Jesus. How can you explain the key teachings in an easy-to-understand way? The 12 Radical Teachings of Jesus pamphlet shares a dozen of Jesus' teachings that were radical for the disciples and hearers at that time, and are still impactful for us today. Discover what Jesus said and how to apply it to your life today.

12 Radical Teachings of Jesus

14 fold out panels, unfolds to 33 inches long.

The Radical Teachings of Jesus Pamphlet is Perfect for Quick Reference, Devotional, and Bible Study Use

You already know that Jesus' teachings are challenging to a culture focused on self-promotion, money, and power. Sometimes they are sugar-coated in church or in the media, where being kind to those you love is enough. But what about loving your enemies or putting others first? Whether you are a new believer or are discipling others, this pamphlet is a must-have for those serious about growing in their faith, knowledge of the Bible, and becoming more like Jesus. Enjoy Jesus' teachings about —

The Grace of Jesus

  • The humble shall be exalted
  • The last shall be first, and the first shall be last
  • and more

Faith &Love of Jesus

  • Loving your enemies
  • Unconditional love &forgiveness
  • Caring for "the least of these"

The Kingdom of God

  • Putting God first
  • Being obedient and child-like
  • and more!
4 Key Features of This Radical Teachings of Jesus Pamphlet
1. Easy-to-Understand: Get a Clear Overview of the Radical Gospel of Christ

Enjoy clearly seeing 12 of the key teachings of Jesus at a glance! Easily compare the world's teaching with Jesus' teachings side-by-side. Deepen your knowledge of the Scriptures and your understanding of faith with this easy-to-use pamphlet! Perfect for individual study, small group, homeschool, or your church library.

12 Radical Teachings of Jesus

2. Quick &Easy: Easy-to-Use Layout Shows Key Information at a Glance

Save time and stop flipping through huge commentaries and theology books with 12 quick-reference Christian beliefs in an easy-to-read layout at your fingertips! Enjoy having easy-to-read charts of the most important teachings of Jesus including loving your enemies, forgiveness, and much more at a glance! Each teaching covers—

      • Key verses &cross references
      • Side-by-side comparison of Jesus' teachings and worldly teachings
      • Key takeaways
      • Life application and discussion questions

12 Radical Teachings of Jesus

3. Bible-Based: Includes Key Verses and Scripture References

Packed with dozens of key verses and Scripture references, easily navigate through the teachings of Christ with this quick-reference pamphlet. It's never been easier to know what you believe and why you believe it. The quick reference format makes teaching and learning simple and clear.

4. Practical Applications and Discussion Questions to Live a Radical Christian Life

Don't just read the gospel. Learn to live out the 12 radical teachings of Jesus with engaging life application questions to bring your faith into today's context. Click here for bonus study questions!

Perfect Christian Ministry Discipleship Tool for Teaching and Leading


  • Great for small group discussions or studies on the Word of Christ
  • Affordable price point encouraging bulk purchases
  • Pamphlets fit easily inside most Bibles, making it easy to quickly reference
  • Glossy coating for durability

A Fantastic Tool For—

  • Individual Use
  • Small Groups
  • 1-on-1 Discipleship
  • Youth Groups
  • New Believer's Classes
  • Church Giveaway

12 Radical Teachings Study Questions for Personal Use or Small Groups:

  1. Read #9. Jesus taught his followers to "love your neighbor as yourself." Think of one action or gesture someone did for you that has left an impression on you. Can you help someone else in the same way this week?
  2. Read #8. Can you think of a moment when someone showed you forgiveness and you felt surprised by it? What did they do to make you feel like they had forgiven you? Was it a conversation or an action?
  3. Read #3. Think of a time when you saw someone do a good deed which caused you to give glory to God. You might have thanked the person, but what was it about this action that made you give glory to God?
  4. Read #8 and #4 It's one thing to forgive your enemies. It's entirely another to show them unconditional love as well! What do unconditional love and forgiveness have in common and why are they so difficult to carry out sometimes?
  5. Read #5. Some people don't have material earthly treasures. Some people treasure human approval, whether it's praise, "likes" on social media, fame, etc. Is this type of treasure as distracting as material gains? Why or why not?
  6. Read page 7 about the Kingdom of God. Read the cross reference 2 Cor. 5:18-21. What does it mean to have been given the "ministry of reconciliation" and "message of reconciliation?" What does that look like in your life?
  7. Read #11 and pay special attention to the "Know This" section. Jesus wasn't concerned about politics as we are today, but he emphasized discipleship. Why do you think discipleship is so important? Take a moment to pray and ask the Lord if he wants you to be discipled by someone in your community or even disciple someone!
  8. Read #2. Think of your friends, coworkers, or people in your community. Are there people that are afraid they won't make ends meet or find a job? Maybe you can be God's blessing in their lives by giving a bag of groceries or helping them proofread their resume. Think of a couple ways you can show someone this week that God cares for them.
  9. Read #1. In what areas of your life do you strive for "firstness?" Is it to get the most compliments on your casserole at the church potluck? Or to get the highest sales at work?
  10. Read #6. Why is it such a dangerous thing to be hungry for the approval of people? In what areas of your life do you crave attention and praise from others rather than God, and what is the need that only God can fill?
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