199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers, Paperback

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The 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers Gift Book is a compact yet powerful collection of favorite Bible verses and quotes to sustain mothers during their child-rearing years. Dig into the Scripture truths in this booklet and be inspired and blessed by special reminders of God's precious promises.


The soft blue flowers and green foliage on the creamy white cover of the gift book create a serene and calming atmosphere, making it an ideal addition to any mom's collection. The flowers frame the title, which is printed in black letters and accented with blue-filed letters.


199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers


The presentation page is accented with one-color printed floral corner decorations and lined space, allowing you to personalize it when giving it as a gift. The booklet is organized thematically around eight main topics every mother can relate to. These topics include starting your day with Scripture, getting through challenging days, finding joy in motherhood, understanding the role of a mother, striving to be the best mom you can be, coping with stress, matters of the heart, and building a strong family unit. Each category is further divided into subcategories that feature supporting Scripture verses and quotes from classic Christian authors.


Filled with wisdom and inspiration, the 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers Gift Book is designed to provide mothers with the guidance and support they need to raise their children with godly values. Its compact size allows it to fit neatly into a purse or a diaper bag, making it easily accessible when a mom needs to hear from God.


The 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers Gift Book is the perfect addition to any baby shower or Mother's Day gift, or keep a couple handy to hand to mothers who need strength and inspiration. Order now and bless the special mothers in your life with the encouraging words offered in the 199 Favorite Bible Verses for Mothers Gift Book.


  • Blue flowers and foliage design 
  • Black printed text 
  • Blue-foiled accents 
  • 199 handpicked verses and quotes 
  • Curated verses and quotes for mothers 
  • Softcover 
  • One-color interior 
  • Size: 7" x 4" x 0.3" (178 x 102 x 8mm)
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