Adventure Bible Guide: Explore the Stories, People, and Places of Every Book in the Bible, Hardcover

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Explore the Bible like never before! This companion to the bestselling Adventure Bible gives young readers the key details of every book of the Bible at their fingertips. With kid-friendly overviews of Genesis through Revelation and full-color infographics, maps, and images, children will strengthen their faith and gain a deeper understanding of the most important story ever told.

The Adventure Bible Guide takes readers 8–12 on a fun-filled, informative journey toward truly understanding God’s Word. This immersive reference guide gives clear, crisp insights into the Bible book by book, including:

  • key details and events that are clearly laid out, in words kids can easily understand
  • colorful infographics that include historical information, significant events and details, and important biblical characters
  • callouts with fun facts and key takeaways
  • maps that help readers understand where each part of the Bible occurred
  • images of artifacts and important places that help bring the Bible to life

This book is made to be used alongside the Bible to help readers better comprehend the context and background of God’s Word, condensing the most important information in a highly visual, easy-to-understand format, which in turn helps kids connect with the Bible text in new and deeper ways.

The Adventure Bible Guide is:

  • perfect for kids 8–12 learning to explore the Bible on their own
  • a great resource for teachers, parents, and homeschoolers to use to engage students in the Bible and biblical history
  • part of the wider Adventure Bible line, which includes NIV Adventure BibleAdventure Bible Book of Devotions,?and The Adventure Bible Book of Daring Deeds and Epic Creations
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