Ashamed: Fighting Shame With the Word of God Study Guide (Scarlet Hiltibidal)

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When Isaiah stepped into the throne room of God, he was “undone” by his sinfulness in view of God’s holiness. When an angel touched his mouth with a coal and told him his sin was forgiven, Isaiah essentially said, “Here I am. Send me. I don’t care where. I’m yours! I’ll do whatever!” He moved from being undone by shame to a hopeful humility and an eagerness to serve the Lord.

In this 6-session study from Scarlet Hiltibidal, discover the deep, freeing truth that being undone is the right place to start. Move beyond your shame to the joy-inducing, peace-producing thrill that comes from a relationship with Jesus. We were made to live in the light—confessing and repenting and renouncing our shame—because Jesus experienced shame in our place.


  • 6 weeks of personal study with 5 days of study each week
  • Teaching videos, approximately 15 minutes each, via redemption code printed in the Bible study book



  • Gain perspective on sources of shame and grasp a vision for how to find freedom through God’s Word.
  • Experience the miraculous shift of living in light of the gospel today rather than hoping for a happy someday.
  • Learn from the stories of women and men in the Bible who overcame their shame to walk in the freedom of God.
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