Bible Quest: Old Testament

Bible Quest is a plan with resources to help parents and mentors teach Biblical literacy with the Classical method of learning.

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Bible Quest will teach your students Biblical literacy through the classical method - and equip parents and mentors to teach students how to acquire biblical truth. This program also focuses on helping students master revealed truth in God's Word, rather than relying upon their own reasoning to "discover" truth.

This curriculum features a three-step plan that can be used with multiple ages simultaneously.


  • The Equip Phase is correlated to the Grammar Stage where the student is taught the language and "who, what, when, where" facts of the subject under study. It is designed to take 30 minutes on the first day or the week and 15 minutes daily the rest of the week, and contains memory work and content to memorize, along with a "why" application section. This stage is used for all students and concludes the lesson for students ages 5 and under.


  • The Empower Phase is correlated to the Dialectic Stage and focuses on connecting the pieces of information given in the Equip phase. It will take 40-60 minutes the first day and 15-20 minutes daily the rest of the week. It contains a simple objective and a "Bible Dig Exploration" activity. This section is ideal for students ages 5-12.
  • The Expedition Phase is correlated to the Rhetoric Stage and helps students learn to teach and persuade people of the wisdom they've learned without doctrinal error. This phase takes a minimum of one week with 30 minutes per day spent on the project. A list of deeper questions is provided at the end of each lesson, or a list of projects to choose from is found at the back of the book. It's ideal for students over the age of 12.

A scope & Sequence and step-by-step instructions for each phase are included. Resources such as games, discussion questions, and maps also provided at the back. Designed to cover 40 weeks, which allows an extra week per month for review games, celebrations, or other activities.

The Bible Quest Old Testament Kit includes:


  • Old Testament Curriculum Book, 156 pages, softcover. Specific pages may be reproduced for in-home use only.
  • Scripture Memory Listening CD with scripture set to music.
  • Timeline Poster
  • Old Testament Review Card Game
  • Digital downloadable songs, maps, and more!
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