Change Starts with You : Following Your Fire to Heal a Broken World (Sam Acho), Paperback

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Injustice, division, and suffering may loom large in this broken world, but you have the power to stand up for truth, unity, and healing. Join writer, motivational speaker, humanitarian, and NFL veteran Sam Acho as he gives you the courage you need to be a changemaker.

When gold is put into a crucible over a fire, the impurities (known as "dross") rise to the top. When faced with extreme heat, these precious metals are purified. Nothing about the metal’s essential makeup changes, but the impurities in them are brought to the surface, leaving behind precious gold.

America is in a crucible right now--and maybe you are, too. The pandemic has strained an already struggling economy, longstanding cultural and political divisions have reached a boiling point, and injustices have been brought into the spotlight in ways that we can no longer ignore. But the thing about crucibles is that they bring out both the worst and the best of us.

As you read Change Starts with You, you'll be:

  • Inspired to discover and follow your fire--the unique passions that God has put in each of our hearts
  • Equipped to dream big, channeling your passions into creating positive change wherever God has called you
  • Encouraged by Acho's firsthand accounts of communities transformed by people with the courage and tenacity to follow their own fire
  • Motivated to be a leader who empowers others to become changemakers too

Praise for Change Starts with You:

"Sam is a refreshing voice that the world so needs right now. This book is not a 'how to,' but a 'to do.' Sam is the spark to refire and refuel you like only Sam can, to become a force for good and live the unlimited life we've imagined in both a relatable and aspirational way. I can't wait for him to inspire you to take action in the same way he's inspired me."

--Molly Qerim, philanthropist and host of First Take on ESPN

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