Christian Denominations A Side-by-Side Comparison

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See 11 major Christian denominations side by side in this bestselling, UPDATED fold-out comparison chart. Includes: Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anabaptist (Mennonite and Brethren), Anglican (Episcopal), Reformed (Presbyterian), Congregational, Baptist, Methodist, Churches of Christ, and Pentecostal churches. Whether you’re answering a question during a small group study or refreshing your memory before a presentation, this solid pamphlet can help you glean what you need to know in seconds.

Each denomination believes in the deity of Christ and the importance of Scripture, so how are the groups different? The bestselling Christian Denominations pamphlet is a glossy, easy-to-use comparison chart that provides a side-by-side format that compares what 11 Christian denominations believe about God, the Trinity, Jesus, and other key areas. Enjoy easily comparing unique details such as:

  • What each denomination believes about God and Jesus Christ, the Bible, salvation, the afterlife, church leadership, and the sacraments (baptism and Communion)
  • When and where each denomination was founded
  • Number of adherents (worldwide and US)
  • Largest divisions and groups today

Also includes:

  • Family tree of denominations with historical dates and modern groups
  • Current trends in the US: evangelical, mainline, nondenominational, and more
  • Concise definitions for more than 25 important church terms to know

Key Features of the Christian Denominations Pamphlet

  • Easy to use: It’s never been easier to get a concise summary of the top 11 Christian denominations than with this slimline foldout resource.
  • Highly visual: With Rose’s popular chart format, you can get information at a glance by referencing this side-by-side comparison chart.
  • Flexible: Whether you’re using this pamphlet for individual referencing or are putting together a lesson on Christian denominations, this resource will get you reliable facts, dates, and statistics you need to know.
  • Packable: No more heavy volumes to carry! This sturdy, ultra-slimline pamphlet is laminated and easily slips into the covers/cases of most Bibles. Pack it into your backpack, purse, or bookbag for on-the-go convenience.

This is an excellent resource for pastors and teachers who want to present denominational beliefs in an objective and focused way. This pamphlet’s glossy coating makes it durable, but still thin enough to fit in the back of a Bible.

Perfect for:

  • Individual and group study
  • Young adult and youth groups
  • New believers
  • Church libraries
  • Pastors and seminary students
  • Discipleship classes
  • And more!
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