Clever Cub Learns to Obey (Bob Hartman), Paperback

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From bestselling children’s author Bob Hartman, the Clever Cub Bible Stories series uses vibrant illustrations and engaging stories to help parents teach children biblical truths.
Children ages 3 to 6 will learn about the importance of obedience and how God is amazing in books 13 and 14 of the popular Clever Cub Bible Stories series from author Bob Hartman.
Clever Cub Learns to Obey: Papa Bear tells Clever Cub to apologize to Skippy Squirrel, but Clever Cub refuses to obey. Through Papa Bear’s retelling of the story of Elisha and Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-19), Clever Cub sees that obeying God is always good to do—even when it’s hard!
Questions at the end of every book in the Clever Cub Bible Stories series help parents and ministry leaders begin conversations.

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