Coloring Book - Peace Be Still

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Reclaim peace and tranquility in a chaotic world with this coloring book featuring calming designs and quotes from writers, hymns, and Scripture—curated by the creators of the bestselling Whatever Is Lovely and Choose Joy.

In a culture marked by anxiety and uncertainty, quiet moments of rest can often feel out of reach. But sometimes the truest sense of peace can only be found in the midst of the storm. With its beautifully calming illustrations and quotes meant to soothe even the most anxious souls, Peace, Be Still offers an essential resource to those longing for stability even when the world feels out of control. Each page features an inspiring quote and corresponding design from one of seven talented artists.

Peace, Be Still includes:

Large format 9.75“ x 9.75” (25x25cm) pages

45 single-sided coloring pages

High-quality, bright white paper stock—heavy enough to use pencils, pens, or markers—and perforated for easy removal

Quotes from the Bible, hymns, and a variety of inspirational writers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Helen Keller, C. S. Lewis, Mr. Rogers, Arielle Estoria, Mother Teresa, and more

A link to the “Peace, Be Still” playlist to help set the mood for worship, rest, creative expression, and a spirit of true peace

Illustrations by Jennifer Tucker, Ann-Margret Hovsepian, and Laura Marshall—all artists previously featured in Whatever Is Lovely and Everything Beautiful

This coloring book will take you on a journey toward recovering and reclaiming true peace for your soul. Whether you are traveling this path by yourself or in a group, pick up your favorite art supplies and color your way to a new understanding of what it means to be truly and joyfully at peace.
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