New Marriage, Same Couple: Don't Let Your Worst Days Be Your Last Days (Josh & Katie Waleters), Paperback

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"For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health." We say those words and mean them. Until we don't. This is a book about creating a different, better, new kind of marriage with the exact same person—no matter how dire the circumstances—with vision, commitment, and hope in the Lord.

Remember those early days of love? When your heart felt all fluttery, and you saw your person through rose-colored glasses? They could do no wrong. You were going to have the most beautiful life with big adventures and lots of sex. Of course, everyone says marriage is work, you knew that. But that was okay; you could get through anything together. It was going to be great.

Until it wasn't.

Something happened. Or maybe nothing happened. Maybe it was one big something, or a lot of little somethings over many years that landed you in a marriage you hardly recognize. For Josh and Katie Walters, it was a big something: infidelity. Now they counsel couples who find themselves exactly where they were: lost, hopeless, and unsure of how to fix their marriage.

This book lays out the principles Josh and Katie learned in that season when God healed and restored their marriage. This process is broken into four parts and is an acronym for the word STAY:

  • S—start with you. (Discovering that when one person changes, the entire relationship changes.)
  • T—take quitting off the table. (Bringing your whole self to the solution and not checking out mentally and emotionally.)
  • A—allow others to be a part of your journey. (Trusting the right people, in the right ways, at the right time.)
  • Y—yield to vision. (Looking past what is and imagining what could be.)


New Marriage, Same Couple is a book about hope. It's about how to create a brand-new marriage with your spouse, whether you've been married for a short time, or for decades.

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