The New Testament Made Easy: A 60-Day Bible Study to Grow Your Faith (Zach Windahl), Paperback

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A Straightforward Overview of the Entire New Testament

Studying the Bible can be overwhelming, and many resources overcomplicate the process. Author and Bible teacher Zach Windahl offers a simple, streamlined approach that takes you through every book of the New Testament in 60 days. With handy overviews and daily entries that contain a breakdown of passages to read, thoughtful teaching points, and personal application questions--all organized in an eye-catching design--this book will help you

· see the big-picture story of the entire Bible
· learn to engage with Scripture confidently
· cultivate a deeper relationship with God

Not only will you come away with a better understanding of Jesus and His heart for you, but you will also discover a better sense of meaning and purpose for your life.

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