COMING MAY 2024 Sharing Jesus with Confidence: How to Be a Gospeler and Have Conversations that Matter for Eternity (Willie Robertson), Paperback

Do you want to share your faith more easily and naturally? This companion booklet to Gospeler by Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a practical guide for Christ followers to read and give to those seeking God's truth and love.

Could you share the gospel with another person? Would you know where to start? Do you even know what the gospel is? It's the Good News of Jesus, and a gospeler is simply someone who shares it with others. Willie Robertson says that if you can tell someone about your spouse, kids, friends, school, pets, and hobbies, you know how to talk about the most important thing in your life, your Lord!

This 64-page booklet is a companion to the trade book Gospeler, in which Willie writes about his story of faith that came about in large part because a stranger went out of his way—as well as his comfort zone—to have a spiritual conversation with his father, Phil. This booklet will provide readers with:

  • Inspiration and encouragement to follow Jesus more faithfully.
  • Scriptures pointing to salvation found in Jesus alone.
  • Step-by-step guidance in understanding and responding to Christ's calling.
  • Guidance on sharing the Good News of Jesus effectively, whether a new believer or a Christian for decades.
  • Counsel on how to stay focused on what's truly important (Jesus) instead of what's not (religion)


When the gospel is heard, accepted, and responded to, it's not just a cool story, it is a game-changer. And it can spread across the world—starting with a simple conversation you have with someone.

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