COMING MAY 2024 The Joy Challenge: Discover the Ancient Secret to Experiencing Worry-Defeating, Circumstance-Defying Happiness (Randy Frazee), Paperback

What if you could close the "joy gap," that distance between how you feel now and the way you wish you felt? In The Joy Challenge, pastor and bestselling author Randy Frazee shares the secret to experiencing real, lasting joy--and stepping into a life of contentment and purpose.

If this sounds familiar, Frazee has good news for you. In The Joy Challenge, he shares the secret to experiencing genuine joyfulness, the kind of resilient happiness that doesn't evaporate in the face of challenges and setbacks. Bringing together research about the science of happiness with the apostle Paul's masterclass on joy in the book of Philippians, The Joy Challenge will help you

  • discover the vital link between increasing your joy and winning the battle against worry and anxiety;
  • develop patterns and mindsets of gratefulness and forgiveness that clear obstacles to happiness; and
  • access the kind of circumstance-defying contentment that opens the door to a truly fulfilled life--even when there’s a gap between the life you have now and the life you hope for.


As you encounter these easy-to-understand principles, thought patterns, and habits, you'll begin to experience more joy and happiness, transforming your relationships and your outlook for the better. It's time to discover the freedom of a deeply joyful life.

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