COMING MAY 2024 The Truth in True Crime: What Investigating Death Teaches Us About the Meaning of Life (J. Warner Wallace), Paperback

For decades, cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace investigated the causes behind deaths and murders, chasing one lead after another for months as he attempted to solve the case. Several of these cases remain open, unsolved mysteries.

Wallace also investigated the most notable death in human history--the death of Jesus Christ--and it transformed him from an atheist into a follower of Jesus. Investigating death, surprisingly, taught him a great deal about life and the nature of people. In The Truth in True Crime, Wallace explores the clues lying behind our human nature as he uncovers fifteen life-truths gleaned from both contemporary murder investigations and ancient Biblical wisdom.

Every chapter introduces you to an investigation of a death as Wallace and his partner Rick chase down leads and along the way learn guiding principles to help us to thrive and flourish as human beings created in the image of God. These fifteen attributes of human beings have been confirmed by modern sociological studies, but were first described on the pages of Scripture. Even if you don't believe in God, these are valuable insights into our human condition, helping you better understand your own identity and the identity of your Creator.

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