Red Rock Mysteries: Books 7-9 (Jerry B. Jenkins & Chris Fabry), Paperback

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Watch out! The Timberline twins are on the loose. Bryce and Ashley are 13-year-old twins from Colorado who unearth action-packed mystery and adventure wherever they go. The twins’ growing faith and the strong example of their parents guide them through even the most life-threatening situations. Using their trademark page-turner style, authors Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry (Left Behind: The Kids series), will keep even reluctant readers on the edge of their seats as they read these fast-paced books. Perfect for ages 8⁠–12.

This set includes Books 7–9 in the 15-Book Red Rock Mysteries series:
Double Fault: Bryce is suspected of vandalism and new evidence surfaces about the twins’ father’s death. How will they prove Bryce’s innocence and find out about their dad?
Canyon Echoes: While guests on a celebrity couple’s houseboat, the twins investigate a mysterious break-in. Are they up for a brutal Grand Canyon hike?
Instant Menace: After Bryce and Ashley’s new principal takes away the most fun thing in their lives, things go from bad to worse. Things can’t get even worse . . . or can they? Watch out!

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