When the People Pray (Thom S. Rainer), Hardcover

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A convenient and easy way for pastors to ask for the prayer support they desperately need.

"Will you pray for me?" is a question pastors hear every day. But when have you heard a pastor ask that question for themselves? Frankly, it's rare. That was the question Thom Rainer asked his congregation. The response was overwhelming. Within two days, more than one hundred people committed to praying for him, and the church was transformed over the next year. Thom cannot imagine what would have happened if he hadn't overcome his initial reluctance to be that vulnerable with his congregation.

In this book, there are thirty reflections and thirty prayers that give church members a glimpse into the struggles most pastors face and helps them pray in specific ways. In the back of this book, there are instructions on how to start a prayer ministry for your pastor, a prayer ministry for members of your pastor's family, and a thirty-day prayer challenge.

God promises to honor the prayers of his people.

When the People Pray is an invitation to unleash those promises.

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