Does Christianity Still Make Sense? ( Bobby Conway), Paperback

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A chronic doubter responds to 20 of the most difficult questions about Christianity

From the Foreword by J. Warner Wallace: “A book written by a man who has genuinely struggled with the questions, wrestled with doubts, and emerged faithful on the other side. He understands you.”

Does Christianity still make sense? Years after Bobby Conway became a Christian, this question haunted him. Even though by then, he was the pastor of a thriving church, it seemed as if his entire belief structure was being dismantled. Had he been duped? Perhaps you can relate to how Bobby felt. Maybe you find yourself questioning in the same way.

In this book, Bobby describes his own long journey through chronic doubt to a settled and confident trust. In this book, he responds to the twenty toughest challenges to the Christian faith, including these difficult questions:

  • Why are there so many scandals in the Church?
  • Aren’t Christians just a bunch of hypocrites?
  • Why do Christians use God’s name to oppress others?
  • Why are so many Christians racists?
  • Why does God allow evil in the world?
  • Is there reliable evidence for God’s existence?

Join Bobby in this book as he explores these questions and many more while describing how he was hammered with doubts for years.

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