Does Christianity Still Make Sense? Study Guide (Bobby Conway), Paperback

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A study guide that helps you understand and respond to the biggest challenges to the Christian faith. Written by a former skeptic.

Does Christianity still make sense? Years after Bobby Conway became a Christian, this question haunted him. Even though by then, he was the pastor of a thriving church, it seemed as if his entire belief structure was being dismantled. Had he been duped? Perhaps you can relate to how Bobby felt. Maybe you find yourself questioning in the same way.

In this study guide, designed to be used alongside the book Does Christianity Still Make Sense?, Bobby explores four key challenges to the faith:

  • Why Are There So Many Scandals in the Church?
  • Why, If God Is Good, Is There So Much Evil?
  • Why Is Christianity So Exclusive?
  • Hasn’t Science Buried God?

Join Bobby as he explores these questions while describing his own journey through doubt to a settled trust in God.

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