Evidence for Jesus: Discover the Facts That Prove the Truth of the Bible (Ralph O. Muncaster), Paperback

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When it comes to tough questions about the Christian faith, believers and skeptics want clear and concise answers that bring theology into real life. Ralph Muncaster's Examine the Evidence™ series offers brief, fact-filled presentations that include easy-to-follow charts and graphics to clarify vital points of each issue. Each book draws on the facts of God's Word and the latest scientific, historical, and archaeological discoveries to help answer difficult questions about God, the Bible, and life. Priced to encourage impulse purchases.

What Is the Truth About Jesus?

Jesus of Nazareth. Some say he was a good teacher; others say he was a prophet. Some say he died; others say he was resurrected. Some say he was just a man; others say he was the Son of God. What is the truth?

Accepting the challenge of "proving" Christ, biblical apologist Ralph Muncaster carefully establishes—

  • How eye-witness and early believer accounts have been preserved
  • how archaeological discoveries verify and augment biblical facts
  • the existence of people mentioned in the Bible
  • the accuracy of biblical geography
  • how the church grew in spite of persecution

Evidence for Jesus provides a rich background of history, geography, and biography to bring Christianity—and its founder, Jesus—to life.


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