Fighting Shadows: Overcoming 7 Lies That Keep Men From Becoming Fully Alive

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There's a shadow that's settled over the hearts of men today. Masculinity is in crisis. Critiques about the dangers of toxic masculinity and the abuses of patriarchal systems have grown louder than ever. The very notions of masculinity and manhood are under attack. In response to cultural shifts, some have doubled down on old stereotypes in ways that just add to the conflict and confusion.

The result? Many men simply feel paralyzed--worried about saying the wrong thing, unsure what to do with their ambitions or strengths, simultaneously tempted and shamed by a hypersexualized and pornified culture. Our models and mentors have failed us. Based on their years of working in men's ministry, Bethke and Tyson have good news for men looking for clarity and courage in this age of quiet desperation. In Fighting Shadows, they help men

  • overcome the temptations of escapism, passivity, or overcompensation;
  • combat the most harmful shadows that men battle today, including loneliness, apathy, distraction, lust, and shame; and
  • embrace masculinity as a God-given gift, not a curse to be avoided, suppressed, or battled.
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