Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life: A Biblical Guide for Communicating Thoughts, Feelings, and Opinions with Grace, Truth, and Zero Regret (Donna Jones), Paperback

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Author, speaker, and pastor's wife Donna Jones gives women a practical, biblical blueprint for making regret-free choices in the middle of real-life conflict so they can exchange relational turmoil for personal and relational peace.

We've all had moments where we look back on a conflict, shake our heads, and think, why did I handle it that way?

With three decades of ministry experience, Donna Jones has had a front-row seat to--and been in the middle of--all kinds of conflict and she understands the regret, guilt, heartache, and hurt conflict can produce. But she also knows it's possible for God to use those chaotic, painful moments and turn them into opportunities for better connection with those around us. With encouragement, warmth, and wisdom, Donna shows readers how to navigate the stressful confusion conflict can bring and helps them to

  • discover the single most important quality necessary to handle conflict well;
  • communicate thoughts, feelings, and opinions with grace, truth, and zero regret;
  • be equipped to handle conflict in a God honoring way by exchanging conflict styles that hurt with conflict styles that heal; 
  • identify common conflict mistakes and prevent unnecessary disagreements and defeat; and
  • stop being pulled into other people's drama and remain calm in the midst of chaos.


Whether readers are dealing with daily disagreements or occasional blowups, Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life offers them a new paradigm, one where they learn how to honor God when they've been hurt, communicate when they'd rather retaliate, and move toward others when it seems easier to run away.

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