Hope that Endures: 40 Devotions of Encouragement for Difficult Times (Michelle Cox), Blue Faux Leather

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In the powerful Hope That Endures Blue Faux Leather Devotional, Michelle Cox shares lessons and truths she has learned about God's faithfulness. These insights come from both her friends' difficulties and her own tragic experiences. She needed God's hope to bear numerous challenges: her father's suicide, a car wreck, her son's life-threatening illness, financial difficulties, and the loss of part of her hearing and eyesight. Michelle sometimes felt overwhelmed, barely able to take another breath. Yet, even as her world was shattered and rocked, she discovered that the Rock of Ages — Jesus — was all she needed. 


The blue faux leather cover of the devotional features a heat-debossed double frame design with diamond accents and corner scrolls. The sentiment is presented in an elegant rose gold-foiled font. 


Hope That Endures 

40 Devotions of Encouragement for Difficult Times 


The devotional's blue faux leather cover is complemented by gilt edging along the page edges, enhancing its soft, feminine character. Inside, the pages are printed in a dual-color scheme, featuring gold-foiled text for added elegance. To keep your place without folding the pages, a satin ribbon marker is included for convenience.


The gift book offers 40 devotions that will gently guide you to your source of eternal hope through Scriptures and heartfelt stories. No matter how dark the circumstances, the light of Jesus will keep shining in your life.


Michelle Cox, fondly known for her "encouragement with a southern drawl," is a distinguished speaker, bestselling author, and an aficionado of cupcakes. Her literary portfolio includes over thirty books, with contributions to prominent platforms like Guideposts, FoxNews.com, Focus on the Family, and Christian Cinema. Michelle's expertise has led to appearances on various television and radio programs, including Home & Family, Hannity, and The Harvest Show. Above all, she cherishes her role as "Grandmama" to her eleven grandchildren, a title she holds dear above others.


The Hope That Endures Blue Faux Leather Devotional will be a source of encouragement for you or anyone you may know going through challenging and uncertain times. Comfort and care for a friend when you give her the Hope That Endures Blue Faux Leather Devotional.


  • Heat-debossed double frame with diamond accents and corner scroll cover design 
  • Blue faux leather 
  • Rose gold -foiled title 
  • Flexcover 
  • Two-color interior 
  • Satin ribbon marker 
  • 200 gilt-edged pages 
  • 40 devotions 
  • Size: 7.8" x 6" x .6" (198 x 152 x 15mm)
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