I Want to Matter: Your Life Is Too Short and Too Precious to Waste (Kathie Lee Gifford), Paperback

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We all want to matter, right? We want to love people well and be loved in return. We want to have made a difference before our life is over. We want to have lived a full life without any regrets. In I Want to Matter, New York Times bestselling author and former Today show host Kathie Lee Gifford shares stories about her life and encourages you to remember your self-worth and never give up on your dreams.

In this beautiful two-color 60-day DayReader® each day features a:

  • focal topic,
  • story from Kathie Lee Gifford's life,
  • and reflection questions to help you apply the message to your own life.

I Want to Matter is inspired by a song written by Kathie Lee and includes content from her New York Times bestselling book, It's Never Too Late. She wants to help you feel seen and heard. This daily reader is great for:

  • birthdays, Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, or as a just because gift to anyone needing encouragement.
  • morning and night reading routines.
  • anyone searching for an inspirational message.

This DayReader® is a way for you to relive the moments that shaped you into who you are today and will allow you to revive your ability to wonder because you truly do matter.

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