Jesus Said, "I Will Build My Church" (Don Faix), Paperback

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Where is this church of power that we see in the Book of Acts? Where are the local bodies of believers that manifest the supernatural power of God today? Has the desire to preach the gospel and win souls all but disappeared from the local church? This intense and challenging book seeks to answer the simple question. "How did Jesus intend every local church to be built." It will present the ten most basic principles in the building of every local church. After some 30 years of doing seminars on the 'concept of build' every church that received this teaching has admitted to applying less than two of these principles. As a result, many sitting in the church pews are just not saved. Further, there is a lack of discipleship to equip the saints to go forth and advance the kingdom of God. The hope of this book is to see a restoration of local churches. Churches that will turn from their traditions and man-made ways of growing a church to building a church that the Lord will take pleasure in and be glorified.
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