Beacon Hill #2: Secrets of the Highlands (D.J. Williams), Paperback

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He’s uncovered ancient secrets at a great cost. Now he must embrace his destiny to unleash the truth.
Jack Reynolds is the only one who can wield the power of Eden’s Star, but can he control it before it destroys him? Hunted across international cities and secret realms, Jack and his diverse group of boarding school friends are desperate to find the ancient artifacts of the Cherub tribes before it’s too late.
Fighting against her own heartbreak, Emma Bennett struggles to stop the dark forces capturing innocent Cherub and stealing their powers for their own sinister schemes. As the truth of a haunting prophecy is revealed, and an ally turns to the dark side, Jack and Emma must decide together if trusting a narrow path is worth the sacrifice.
Dive into this heart-pounding sequel to Hunt for Eden’s Star.

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